Monday, 17 December 2012

A curio

Sometimes a movie buff can find the odd cinematic curio just by looking around on the internet.  The Internet Archive is a perfect example of where to find such curios that may not be available in the shops and can be viewed online.
A few months ago I came across an extremely short film version of Frankenstein produced by Edison.  It has some wonderful trick photography in which the creature is created and is a brilliant example of early cinematic art in this respect.  It is a little hard to see at times as there hasn’t been any restoration work done on the print but it is fascinating to watch nonetheless.
This Frankenstein adaptation shows a great deal of ambition for its time and can now be viewed in any one of three ways - as the original silent feature (with coloured tinted sections), with new added sound effects added (with coloured tinted sections that differ slightly from the original) or with a new rock soundtrack by Nico Boeston (in plain old black and white).
You can view the original version at
The version with added sound effects can be seen at
The Nico Boeston version can be seen here -

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